100% All Natural Body Butter - Lavender Scent 8 oz. (227 g)

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Hand crafted in small batches. Our 100% all natural body butter is perfect to be used as a massage lotion or just to moisturize your dry skin. It is made of all natural ingredients that make your skin so soft and moisturized.

INGREDIENTS: Organic Beeswax, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Cocoa Butter, Sunflower Oil, Grapeseed Oil and Lavender essential oil.

Did you know? Shea butter heals irritated skin as it shields from dehydration leaving skin protected. Shea body butter forms a breathable, water-resistant film and is a leading natural product for moisturizing.
Sunflower oil is a natural and healthy way of maintaining a great skin. It's calming and emollient (moisturizing) properties heals damaged skin. Being rich in nutrients and antioxidants, it is widely used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes and is found to be effective against acne, eczema, inflammation, general redness and irritation of the skin.
Cocoa is known as Theobroma and means ‘food of the gods’. It is the primary ingredient in most chocolates and adds the creamy, smooth texture that we all love. There are, however, many benefits of cocoa butter beyond pleasuring our taste buds. It is a rich butter that is a common ingredient in skincare products and cosmetics because of its potent therapeutic properties. For centuries, people in Africa have turned to cocoa butter to protect,  heal and moisturize their skin that is exposed to the harsh elements of sun and wind.